A Website Design and Hosting Company

A Website Design and Hosting Company

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Halo Custom Edition Game link
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Halo 2 Vista Game link
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Halo CE Chronicles Machinima link
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Halo Movies Machinima link
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Halo Maps Community Forum link
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Flight Plan Aircraft Photo Archive link
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Gearbox Game Zone link
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Ocean Side Inn Bed & Breakfast
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Tilcon Connecticut (old)
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Easter Seals Waterbury Connecticut (old)
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Behind The Wheel Software link
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Endpoint Networks (old)

Websites for all Industries

UXB Internet develops websites for a variety of industries and clients

  • Apparel Sales websites
  • Automotive websites
  • Business Broker websites
  • Business Listing websites
  • Civil Engineering websites
  • Community websites
  • Construction websites
  • Cosmetic Industry websites
  • Electrical Manufacturing websites
  • Electrical Distribution websites
  • Engineering websites
  • Gaming websites
  • Manufacturing websites
  • Medical websites
  • Non-Profit Organization websites
  • Painting websites
  • Pool Construction websites
  • Plumbing Manufacturing websites
  • Race Car websites
  • Restaurant websites
  • Recording Artists Websites
  • Town Government Websites
  • Video Production websites
  • Video Game websites
  • Much much more...